How many testimonials should you have on your sales page? (And the 4 types of testimonials you need.)


If you’ve been working on the sales page for your online course, membership or program, then you might be wondering:

“How many testimonials do I need?”

You know that social proof and being able to showcase results is an important factor in whether people will believe in your offer — and, therefore, whether they’ll buy your awesome thing.

So how many testimonials should you have?

Well, as a rule of thumb, I feel pretty good if I can include at least 5 testimonials on my clients’ sales pages.

5 is enough to show that the results you’ve helped people achieve aren’t a fluke, and that a diverse range of people have benefited from your teaching.

But, ideally — especially if you’re working on a long-form sales page?

I’d be much happier if we get could get closer to 10 testimonials to really dial up the persuasiveness and social proof behind your offer.

With 8-10 testimonials, you can have a mix of different perspectives that reinforce different selling points of your program.

Some testimonials might (nay, must) speak to the results you’ve helped people achieve.

Other testimonials might speak about your clients’ hesitations about enrolling, and how their fears washed away the moment they got inside and realized how incredible your program is.

Maybe you’ll have some testimonial snippets to back up a particularly awesome or unique element of your offer — say, the level of access they get to you, the powerful community they’ll be a part of, your unique process, or the fact that you have really, really good hair. (Totally a legit selling point.)

And, other testimonials might speak specifically to your credibility and expertise — these are great to include on the part of the page where you introduce yourself and who you are.

You know how the saying goes: variety is the spice of lif— er, testimonials.

You could spend hours messing around with the design of your sales page, or writing 100 different headlines…

But without solid, nuanced social proof in the form of testimonials from your people…

Your slick copy is gonna fall flat.


5 testimonials, and you’re good… for now.

But, to really dial up the persuasiveness of your page, shoot for 8-10. (Unless you’re writing a super-short sales page for a low-cost product. Use your judgement, but don’t be stingy.)

And, for bonus points/virtual gold stars: get a variety of testimonials that support different facets of who you are, the elements of your program, and the promise you’re making with your offer.

Great testimonials give your prospects a reason to trust you.

So don’t skimp on ‘em.