Supercharge Your Sales With The Dynamite Website Copy Experience

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I’ve been brewing something exciting behind the scenes here at Missing Ink HQ.

No, it’s not coffee. (OK, totally coffee. Several vats of it, if we’re being honest here.)

But also…

It’s a snazzy little package called The Dynamite Website Copy Experience.

I’ve taken the past 18 months of my client-facing copywriting work and turned it into an all-inclusive, 5-star service that will take the words on your website from “meh” to “shutup and take my money”.

(The only thing that separates the Dynamite Website Copy Experience from the Park Hyatt is the lack of buffet breakfast and attractive pool boys. But otherwise, they’re both very impressive.)

I created this package because I recognized a pattern among my clients (who also happen to be some of the coolest business owners and entrepreneurs I’ve ever met)...

They didn’t just need some nice words on their site… or someone who could capture their voice and make them sound amazing.

Because even though words are nice…

They’re nothing without strategy and big-picture vision.

The best website copy is about so much more than the words.

It’s about your business. Your goals. How your website fits into your overall sales system and exactly what your website copy needs to say to attract your ideal clients, speak right to their most pressing desires and needs…

And then nudge them towards taking decisive action.

This is exactly what you get when you say yes to Dynamite Website Copy. Not just nice words -- but true-to-you language and copy that helps you grow your business with the end-goal in mind.

So if you’ve ever felt like…

  • You know you’ve got an amazing service or offer that changes people’s lives or businesses for the better, but you struggle to express that value to others.

  • You’re not necessarily a bad writer but writing copy isn’t your strong suit or something you particularly enjoy (and you're ready to bring in a pro to help you get results).

  • You’d like to start attracting more leads and make sure that they arrive to your consult calls excited, eager and informed (which means shorter sales cycles and a lot less hustlin’ for you)...

Mosey over here to learn all the details about how Dynamite Website Copy can help you get there and whether it’s right for you.

I’ve got 2 spaces left on my client roster for the rest of 2017, I'm now booking into 2018, and I would be really pumped to help you showcase your voice, vision, and value to the people who need what you’ve got.

Everything you need to know is right here.

Here’s to the words that’ll help you grow your business,

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