Ideal client avatar

Throw out Your Ideal Client Avatar (and Use This Instead)

Throw out Your Ideal Client Avatar (and Use This Instead)

If I was a gambling kinda gal, here’s something I’d bet money on:

You don’t know your clients as well as you think you do.

(Ducks for cover - hey, I’m just the messenger!)

Which means your copy isn’t as compelling as it could be…

(Weaves and dodges)

Your website and online marketing aren’t converting…

(Hides under the table)

And you’re leaving money on the table.

(Can I come out from under here now?)

Today, I’m here to help you fix that. Consider this part two of our journey into crafting a message that sticks. (You can catch up on part one here.)

By the end of this blog, you’ll be clear on:

→ Who you’re speaking to (and selling to) in your business

→ How to speak to them, and

→ Which key messages you need to convey to them… order to lead your audience towards a sale in a way that actually feels good - because we don’t do sleazy around these parts, folks.

Ready to make audience research sexy? Let’s do this.