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We're such a good match that PB&J is totally jealous. Here's why.

Is it because we both look amazing in yellow?


True. But not quite.

Hmm... maybe because you're a superstar entrepreneur...


In search of copy that brings it's A-game...


Written by an experienced launch copywriter that won't rest until you've got copy that makes people sit up... pay attention... and take action.

(Yep. That's definitely it.)

And in 2018? You can't afford to settle for anything less.

Launches are changing. Customers are more discerning, skeptical and wary than ever before.

Earning trust is harder. "Tried and true" formulas are falling flat.

And copy that fails to resonate does much more harm than good.


Whew. That got a little heavy for a moment there.

So let's talk about how I'm going to help you sidestep the "mediocre launch syndrome" that's been going around town lately...

And instead, rock out with killer sales copy that doesn't miss a beat.


Guessing is a risky strategy. I prefer to rely on data. When we work together, I geek out on everything there is to know about your audience. I interview them personally (seriously). I politely stalk them online. I steep myself in their problems, their dreams, and what they crave most. And then... I help you serve it up to them through strategic copy that hits the mark.


It's noisy out there. Your customers are asking, "Why THIS event? How is Selena going to blow my mind?" I have a proven method for uncovering your unique approach and exactly what it is about your values, your experience, and your process for getting results that sets you apart from the competition -- and makes you the obvious choice.

(Scaling is a hot topic right now. I'll help you articulate why people need to learn from you if they want to get it right.)


The final piece? Your voice, your style, your personality. Because every word that I craft is about bringing YOU to the page. I study how you speak, how you talk, and the unique quirks that make you, well, YOU. (It also helps that I've been subscribed to your emails for the last 18+ months and an online follower for even longer. I guess you could say I'm a fan...)

It's a dangerously effective 3-part combo that produces results like...


Anna tripled her launch sales for her signature program, welcomed over 1200 new paid members, and added over $280, 000 to her bottom line.


Jane sold over 50 places for her in-person event, exceeded her launch goals, and said hello to over $80, 000 in sales.


With the new customers she attracted after her copy went live, Meg’s sales page paid for itself three times over… in less than 30 days.



Claire tripled the price of her mastermind program, made $35, 000 and enrolled her best cohort ever.


“No one has worked to understand my business as hard as Natalie. Not my business coach, my VA, or even my husband. She’s thoughtful, detail-oriented, and her copy nailed my playful and honest voice. (And she has a sexy Australian accent.)”
— Meg Casebolt
  Is it socially acceptable to break the 4th wall in your branding photos? Nevermind.

Is it socially acceptable to break the 4th wall in your branding photos? Nevermind.

Selena, I've got the copy chops you've been searching for... but I've never been good at playing it cool.

So I'll just come right out and say it...

I WOULD love to partner up with you for this launch!


If you're ready to move forward... let's talk nuts and bolts:


1. Long-form sales page conversion copy

2. Email sequence

  4 emails - we may need to adjust once we finalize your launch roadmap

3. Launch roadmap

  This includes a big-picture strategy and overview of your launch communications and emails we'll send during your launch

4. Customer research

  A 90-minute kick-off call

An intake questionnaire for you to complete before our call

  Audience survey and new customer interviews

  Up to 5 new customer interviews (up to 30 minutes each)

  PDF of interview transcriptions

   Voice of customer data mining and competitor analysis

5. Final copy files via Google Docs

6. Two rounds of revisions via Google Docs


There's just one thing left to do...

Simply send me a note at natalie@themissingink.co with one of the following:

1. "NATALIE, LET'S DO THIS!" (My admin fairies will get shower us in virtual confetti and get the ball rolling right away.)

2. "NATALIE, LET'S TALK MORE!" (Email me with 3 available times and we'll arrange a virtual coffee to answer your questions.)

3. "NATALIE, I DON'T HAVE TIME TO SPEAK, BUT I NEED TO KNOW ABOUT X." (Alternatively, just email me with your burning questions. I'll get back to you ASAP.)

Put simply? I'm on a mission to make your life easier, your launches more profitable, and your message sharper than a killer cat-eye.


Your work matters.

You're creating an event that will transform people's lives.

Let's spread the word together.


(And I promise we'll have a blast while we're at it.)

I can't wait to hear from you!




~ Natalie Taylor

Founder | The Missing Ink

Smart Copywriting for Savvy Entrepreneurs