The Dynamite Website Copy Experience

Communicate your value through website copy that brings all the clients to the yard.


If your words don’t convert, we need to talk.

You’re ready to step out of hustle mode and into something a little more comfortable.

Because right now, you’re sick of working so. damn. hard. for each new client that comes through the door.

While you're ready for a website that showcases your brilliance (and attracts the kind of clients you're dying to work with), you're DONE with struggling to write compelling copy that sounds like something you'd actually say in real life.

And sure, you're not a bad writer... but copy certainly isn't your zone of genius. 

Fortunately—mine is. 

If you...

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Struggle to communicate your value through your copy

even though your existing clients love what you do for them (and tell you how you’ve rocked their world)...

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Wish more of the right clients came knocking

because you’re attracting the wrong type of people, and your ideal clients are slipping through the cracks (or deciding to work with someone else)...

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Want more streamlined systems that attract new clients

so you can stop scrambling for sales and raise your rates without pushback...


Then it’s time you got copy that expresses your voice, vision and value…

with a level of confidence and clarity that is undeniably magnetic.



The Dynamite Website Copy Experience

When you have dynamite website copy…


You get more clients with less hustle

With a strategically written website that hooks your dream clients on autopilot.


You become a leader in your industry

With a standout message that makes people sit up and pay attention.


You step up as the CEO in your business

With rates and a booked out calendar to match. Welcome to Boss Mode.





The future's so bright that you’re gonna need a new pair of sunglasses.

 Client Avatar
Natalie has a kind yet incredibly direct way of teasing out what NEEDS to be said in your copy. She helped me find my voice and communicate the value of what I do, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that!
— Rachel Shillcock, Brand Strategist & Designer at

With me by your side, you'll never be lost for words again.

There are 3 ways we can work together on your Dynamite Website Copy. 

Choose your own adventure in 3... 2...1...

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For razor-sharp website copy that cuts right to the heart of what you do and why it matters.

Are you ready to confidently communicate your value and start attracting your dream clients?

Copy Clarity Questionnaire

  • My super-sleuth method to help you get to the heart of what you do and what it matters.

90-minute, 1:1 Strategy Session

  • We’ll dig even deeper into how we’ll make your brand shine online with a specific strategic plan.

Show-Stopping Homepage Copy

  • So your Homepage doesn’t just look good, it grabs attention and moves your dream clients to take action.

Connection-Driven About Page Copy

  • For an About page that tells your story in a way that strikes a serious chord with your soon-to-be clients.

Anti-Boring 404 Page Copy

  • Don't let broken links be the end of your client journey. Let's infuse some personality + persuasiveness in the places most business owners neglect!

Services Page Copy That Sells

  • Up to 3 service descriptions or 1 short-form sales page that jives with would-be clients and gets them giddy about your offerings.

150-Word Pitch-Worthy Bio

  • Your rapid-fire elevator pitch that works just as well offline as it does online. These are great for social media bios, too.

Brief (but Bold) Opt-In Copy

  • Prepare for your email list to grow like “whoa” with this tempting copy teaser to get you subscribers.

Contact Page Copy That Packs a Punch

  • For a contact page that closes the deal. 'Nuff said.

Choose ‘The Essentials’ when…

You’re ready to end website-shame for good, position yourself as the expert you are, and clearly communicate your value to your ideal clients.

 icon number 2

My signature website copy and sales funnel package.

We’ll make your words work double-time with website copy that makes a killer first impression and an email nurture sequence that converts.


Done-For-You Email Funnel Copy

Copy for a dedicated opt-in landing page to help build your list AND an 8-part email sequence for new subscribers that introduces them to you, your brand, and tactfully guides them towards your paid offerings.


Choose ‘Attract + Convert’ when…

You’re ready to start building your community and grow a list full of hot, hot leads that are uber-eager to work with you.

  • (Also perfect if you want to launch to an engaged + excited email list in the not too distant future.)


Turnaround Time

5-6 weeks

Your Investment

$5500 USD

payment plans are available

 icon number 3

Your complete website copy and lead generation package.

Your end-to-end client-attracting funnel, done for you.


Automatic List-Builder

A lead magnet AND a high-converting opt-in landing page written for you, so you can grow your list like wildfire.


Done-For-You Email Funnel Copy

An 8-part email sequence for new subscribers that introduces them to you, your brand, and tactfully guides them towards your paid offerings.


Facebook Ad Copy

Get up to 3 variations so you can reach a newer, bigger audience and drive targeted traffic to your lead magnet.

Choose ‘The Big Kahuna’ when…

You’re ready to ignite and streamline your audience-building and client acquisition process.

(Best for business owners with 2 or more years under their belt.)


Turnaround Time

6 weeks

Your Investment

$8500 USD

payment plans are available

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Meet the gal behind the keyboard:

Hi - I'm Natalie. (Consider me your official word wing-woman.)

I help trail-blazing service-providers and online entrepreneurs connect with their ideal clients and sell out their offers — through strategic, brand-building copy. I’m here to help you use your words to shine a light on what you do best, what sets you apart, and craft a message that positions you as the obvious choice to your customers.

 icon process

Take a peek at my killer copy process…

(For words that shine, every time.)

Vision and Voice:

We'll dig into your audience, your message, your voice, and how to tie it all together through killer copy that gets hearts racing and people buying. I’ll help you make sense of all the muck inside your head and explain to the world why your work matters (and why they should care).

Strategy and Goals:

We talk about more than just your website. I’ll ask you questions about your business, how you make money, and how we can best structure your site and your copy so that visitors take the action you want them to on your site. (And, yes, we’ll talk about funnels. Because I’m here to help you find the words that will build your business.)

You Relax, I Write:

I retreat into my impeccably decorated copy cave, where I’ll get to work on your drafts, and keep you updated every step of the way. In the meantime, you’ll get to focus on business and feel so relieved that you’ve finally got a copy pro on your team. The best part? I’ll even give you guidance on how to layout your copy on the page for best results, and if you’ve got a designer, I can liaise with them too.

Spit-Shines and Happy Dances:

Lastly, we’ll make any final edits together in our revision round, to make sure you walk away with copy that (1) talks and feels like you, on a good day and (2) brings aaaaalll the clients to the yard.


Fancy Bonus Time!

No matter which option you choose, you’ll also get:

Funnel Consultation
(Because "funnel" shouldn't be a dirty word)

Your website is only as good as the next step it asks people to take.

When we work together, you’ll get to pick my brain about how to set up a non-sleazy sales funnel for your business, and what makes the most sense for you and your audience.

The coolest part? If you choose the Attract + Convert or the Big Kahuna Package, I’ll even write part or all of your funnel for you. It’s already baked into the price.

 Client Avatar
I finally have strong copy that’s consistent with who I am and the impact I want to make in this world. I would recommend Natalie without hesitation and I’ll be using her for all of my future copy needs.”
— Ron Paul Ross, Executive Coach at

Here's How it Goes Down:

1) Click

  • Click the button to schedule a free consultation call with me.

3) Call

  • On our call, we’ll decide if we’re a good fit for each other, discuss which package is right for you and settle on a start date.

2) Schedule

  • After scheduling, you’ll receive a questionnaire to complete before our call.

4) Confirm

  • Simply pay your deposit to confirm our project and lock-in your start date.

Who is the Dynamite Website Experience for?

Coaches, consultants, course creators and service-based business owners who want a website that helps them fill their pipeline with new leads, subscribers and consult calls.

You care about: 

  • Serving and connecting with your customers, but feel as though your online presence and positioning isn't up to snuff.
  • Finding ways to *buzzword alert* authentically share more of who you are and what you stand for in your copy and marketing efforts.
  • Crafting a message that strikes a chord with the right people. 

And you're ready to wrap all of this good stuff into website copy that clearly demonstrates your value and moves your visitors to action.




I might not be the copywriter for you if…

You’re not sure what you do and who your audience is (and you’ve been in business for less than a year).

Or... if you sell products or services that don’t actually help people achieve a meaningful outcome. (Sorry! I have to believe in what I’m writing.)

FACQ (Frequently Asked Copy Questions):

+ Explain the process to me in a nutshell, please!

Here’s how it works: If you’d like to apply for a website copywriting package, click the buttons above to book in for a free 30 minute consultation with me. If we decide we’re a good fit for each other, you’ll pay your deposit and get instant access to your clarity questionnaire, and space in my calendar to book your strategy session with me. From there, I’ll write while you relax!

+ Do you offer payment plans?

A resounding YES! We'll discuss this on our initial consult call. Just click the buttons on this page to book in for a chat with me about your project.

+ How long does it take?

Depending on which website copy package you choose, we’ll have your project wrapped up within 2 to 6 weeks (as long as you’re super speedy with your feedback!).

If you're ready for some dynamite website copy, I recommend getting in touch as soon as possible, because I typically book out 4 weeks in advance.

+ Will you help me figure out how to lay out my copy on the page?

YES. I present all of my copy to you inside a “wireframe” - which is a fancy way of saying that you’ll receive a visual mockup of how I recommend laying out the copy on each page to get the best results (think: more clicks, consults, and sales).

If you’re working with a designer, I can also liaise with them to make sure that nothing gets lost in communication (because good design and good copy go together like PB&J).

+ I’m a business newbie. Is this right for me?

Probably not. My packages are best-suited to people who have experience with clients and have been in business for at least a year. If you’re new to business, check out my copy coaching and strategy packages instead - perfect for newer business owners who need help with the just basics (and on a tighter budget, as well).

+ I need something extra/different than what’s listed here. Help!

Worry not - special snowflakes are welcome here. If you’d like to chat about a custom package, book in with me for a free consultation using the buttons on this page. We’ll chat about your project and how I can help you get where you want go with a bespoke copy & digital strategy package.

 Client Avatar
“Natalie doesn’t just write killer copy - she knows about conversion and she captures voice like an ace. She has blown me and my clients away with her warmth and strength for truly getting to the heart of what you do and WHY your clients love it.
— Rachael Kay Albers, Website Designer & Digital Strategist at

It's time to level up your website with copy that converts.

I’m all about return on investment—and when it comes good copy? It’ll be your best salesperson for years to come (and it’ll never ask you for a raise).

Let's do this:

payment plans are available

let's chat about your project now - WAITLIST NOW OPEN FOR Q4 2018!