Professional Career Coach and Leadership Expert at

Ron is possibly the coolest person I’ve ever met.

Put simply, he helps people thrive at work and get unstuck in their careers. His official title is professional coach and expert in leadership and workplace performance.

(I like to think of him as the guy you talk to when you’re sick of hating your job.)

Ron is dynamic, whip-smart and a bunch of fun, and I was tasked with helping him translate his energy into copy that lets his personality shine, while also striking a balance with professionalism and showcasing his expertise and experience.

Ron often works with corporates, as well as individuals looking for career development, executive coaching and team building.


Before his site overhaul, Ron was stuck.

           Ron's site, before his branding and messaging overhaul.
I was finding it hard to express what I do and why my work matters, so I knew that I needed help. Before Natalie, I had never worked with a copywriter. I was worried she would write copy that sounded great, but didn’t sound like me. I was afraid that she might not get me or my audience.

Ron's site before we started working together. His copy didn't express his value, and he had a website that wasn't moving his readers to action. 


Ron is a service-based entrepreneur, so it was important that his copy was structured to encourage people to contact him about his services, and as a secondary goal, to build his email list with an irresistible opt-in.


"I was so pleased that with Natalie, none of my fears were true. She has the ability to really tune into what you’re saying, ask great questions, and make you feel heard and seen.

She was able to express all of this through copy that was consistent with my brand and my voice. I was amazed by how great the process felt."*



→ Goal Setting

How does Ron’s website fit into his bigger online marketing plan and his business goals? What key actions do we want people to take on his website, and how can we stay in touch with new leads and encourage them to take action?

→ Tagline Development

To sum up Ron’s new value proposition, for use across a range of marketing collateral.

→ Email Funnel Strategy and Copywriting

For a 5-part email sequence that new subscribers receive after opt in. The purpose of this sequence: to gently guide new subscribers towards booking a consultation with Ron, while providing value and education each step of the way.

→ Messaging Strategy + Market Research:

After establishing our goals for Ron's new website copy, we got to work on clarifying his big message and value proposition. Who was he speaking to? Why should they care? What message and story does his copy need to convey so that his ideal clients sit up, pay attention, and take action?

→ Website Copywriting

Across the key pages of his new website (home, about, services).

→ List Building Strategy

Including consultation on developing a high-converting lead magnet and what to include.


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Combined with the stunning new visuals and branding created by the team at RKA ink, each word speaks directly to his ideal clients, their struggles and their dreams.

Ron’s new copy flows across his whole website with a consistent story and theme that begins at his homepage, right through his about page and his services page which, for the first time, accurately describes his signature process and his “special sauce” approach to coaching and mentoring (which we clarified in step one of the copywriting process).

Every word was crafted with strategy in mind: to gently move Ron's website viewers through the process of learning about him, what he does, and then encourage them to take action.

Take a peek at some more snippets:

Click each image for full-size. 

Ron also has a kick-ass email nurture series

...that delivers incredible value to his new subscribers while helping him stay front of mind... and gently nudging them towards a consultation with him. For the first time, Ron has a simple but effective online funnel that pulls people into his orbit - on autopilot.

Click here to view a snippet.

Ron's emails were written with a more mature and professional audience in mind - it was important to Ron that his emails weren't full of hype and big promises, so we focused on creating a tone in his copy that was knowledgeable, calm and credible.


I am so excited about my new copy. Natalie is conscientious, thorough and responsive, and she gave me clarity about my message that I hadn’t had until now.

She took all of the thoughts in my head and turned them into strong copy that was consistent with who I am and the impact I want to make in this world.

I would recommend Natalie without hesitation to other entrepreneurs who need help clarifying their voice and expressing their value. I’ll be using her for all of my future copy needs!


I'd love to meet you for a virtual coffee (or tea, or kombucha...) to talk about how I can help.