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Turn subscribers into buyers and nurture your perfect clients towards the sale... without sacrificing your time to make it happen.*

*seriously - no voodoo magic or hula hooping required.

👉🏻 👉🏼 👉🏽 Sincere flattery with a pinch of reality:

You’ve got a killer service offering and your clients L-O-V-E what you do for them. The problem?

Not enough people understand exactly what you can do for them or why you’re so freakin’ awesome...

Which means you’re not booking as many clients as you could be — and the ones you do book take a heck of lot more effort to close than you’d like.

👎🏼The conundrum that brings you here today:

🤨 There’s only ONE of you, and if you spent all-day-everyday talking and selling to people, you wouldn’t get any work done.

😐 Business is a constant battle between getting the work and doing the work — and knowing where to spend your time is hard enough as it is.

😑 And, truthfully? You’re getting a little sick of walking the tightrope between selling and serving.


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💭It's no surprise that lately, you’ve been daydreaming of ways to turn curious prospects into committed customers…

...without hustlin’ your butt off to make it happen.

(Sidenote: the No-Butt Hustle is a serious problem that affects countless entrepreneurs every year. No joke. OK, totally a joke, but still.)

💌 Sure, you've heard about the power of email and funnels... but GOD — who has time to even think about that, when there's already so much to do? 

(And secretly, even if you DO manage to figure it out on your own, part of you is terrified of turning into a tacky internet marketer the moment you hit publish on your funnel anyway...)

🕶️ Incredibly smooth segue in 3… 2… 1…

What if there was a way to educate your ideal clients and get them excited about your course, product or service...

So giddy and excited, in fact, that they started to take action and buy — with less of your time, effort and energy?

And what if you could do it without having to go out and constantly market and sell yourself every day...

... and definitely without becoming a tacky online marketer who takes people's money without, ya know, actually offering anything valuable to the world?

No… this isn’t a magic pill, but…

This is the power of a Red Carpet Funnel.

💸 It’s like having a savvy sales concierge in your back pocket. 


A Red Carpet Funnel looks and feels like...

🎉  More of your ideal clients reaching out to inquire about your services

🎉  Increased sales of your passive products like courses and info-products

🎉  An engaged and excited community of real people who love hearing from you

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Red Carpet Funnels is a totally done-for-you copywriting powerhouse.

I’ll work with you to create a smart funnel strategy that makes sense for your business…

Then, I write all of the copy you need to make it happen. And when it’s ready to go?

All you need to do is press play.

Put simply, a Red Carpet Funnel takes the pressure off YOU to sell, so you can get back to serving.

🙌🏼Like a guided tour of your business, it welcomes in potential clients and shows them around — in a sequence and order that makes sense.

It elegantly draws your subscribers' attention to how you can help solve their problems, in the unique way that only you can…

… all while dazzling them with equal parts wit, kindness and a punch of personality that actually sounds like you.

Ready to roll out the red carpet for your peeps?

It's time to pick your package:



You get:

✔️ A 90-minute, 1:1 funnel strategy session with me, to create a funnel plan for your business that sells and serves at the same time.

✔️ Consultation on the perfect lead magnet or “free offer” you can create (also known as a freebie or opt-in incentive) to attract new email subscribers.

✔️ Copy for a sequence of 8 emails that introduces new subscribers to your paid offer and moves them to action.

✔️ Short opt-in copy to use on your website, to help increase your email sign-ups.

✔️ PLUS a complimentary 30-minute follow up call, approximately 4-6 weeks after your funnel goes live, to assess whether your funnel needs tweaking for better results.

$1750 USD

1 space left for July 2018


If you're...

Ready to get serious with your funnel and delve into multiple sequences with segmentation...

❔ Wanting to create a multi-step funnel that sells more than one offer...

❔ Interested in creating an evergreen funnel after a few rounds of live-launching your course...

❔ In need of help with copy for your landing pages, ad copy, and other pieces of copy collateral too...

Then let's talk and create a custom package that gives you everything you need.

Custom funnel copy packages typically range from:

$3000 to $7000 USD

(depending on complexity).

2 spaces left for 2018

Here's how it works:

Red-carpet funnels is for people who have an established business and are looking for ways to sell their services and other offerings (like courses and information products) without having to work so hard to make it happen.

1️⃣ First, we'll map out a smart system for nurturing your subscribers towards the sale via email, without being gross about it. How are you building your list? What's your paid offer? How will we bridge the gap?

We'll figure it all out together. If you already have a plan in mind for a custom funnel, we'll hash it out and identify the exact copy elements you'll need to make it happen.

2️⃣ Then, for The Starter Package, I write your entire 8-part email sequence for you. This email sequence can have several possible goals, which we'll decide on in step in Step 1 (examples include driving traffic to a landing or sales page for one of your services or offers, or encouraging people to book a free call with you). If you'd like help with creating a sales page for one of your services (like this one!) or another offer, we can arrange that too. 

If we're working together on a custom funnel (which usually includes more than 8 emails), I can also help you with other elements like landing pages, sales pages, and ad copy. 

3️⃣ Finally, everything includes a round of revisions to make sure you happy-dance your way out of our work together, so you can ride off into the sunset with your new subscribers and raving fans (with their wallets at the ready).

We'll also hop on a follow up call after your funnel goes live to review your results and assess whether anything needs tweaking.

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Not quite sure if Red Carpet Funnels is right for you?

Brew yourself a strong coffee and sip on these ideas...


I work well with…


  • Service-based business owners

  • Coaches and consultants

  • Course creators, authors and teachers

  • People who love animals and are willing to talk with me at length about how Jim and Pam from The Office are the best TV couple of all time (just kidding, mostly)

And we're probably not a good fit if…


  • You’re in your first year of business and looking for your first few clients

  • You DON’T have a clearly defined service offering or product

  • You’re struggling to get clients and pay your bills (sorry, no magic pills here)

  • You’re an ecommerce brand that sells physical products


Sidenote: Are you doing a live launch of a product, course or service?

You might be a better fit for my launch copy packages.

*Click here* to check out how we can together on your launch copy.

Ready to begin your funnel adventure? Here's what happens next:


1. Select your package from the two options below. 

2. You'll be prompted to fill out a few quick questions about your business, so we can determine whether we're a great match for each other. If you're interested in a custom funnel, we'll arrange a call to discuss exactly what you need.

3. If we're good to rock and roll, we'll decide on a start date, and you'll pay your 50% deposit to secure your project. The final 50% is payable when your first drafts are delivered. (For custom funnels, payment plans are available, and we'll hash out the details on our call.)


The Starter Funnel

$1750 USD

The Custom Funnel

Typically $3000 - $7000 USD, depending on complexity


Let's bring this painfully self-aware sales page home with a Morpheus moment for the Matrix fans: 

What's it gonna be? The choice is yours...



🔵 Keep struggling to connect with your subscribers — a literal goldmine of possibility — because you don’t have the time or the strategy (and copywriting chops) to nurture them.

🔵 Keep leaving money and potential clients on the table because you don’t have a plan for turning new subscribers into paying customers.

🔵 Make “hustle” your legal middle name and ignore this rather awesome opportunity to sell your services and offers in more leveraged, scalable and effective ways.




🔴 Work with an uber-friendly, really talented and very humble conversion copywriter (ooh, that’s me) to create a one-of-a-kind funnel that turns perfect strangers into perfect clients.

🔴 Hand your copy over to an expert so you can get back to the things in your business that (1) you’re awesome at and (2) you actually, ya know, enjoy doing… so you can turn your attention to new opportunities and trust that your funnel is working hard for you in the background. (Permission to finally tick this puppy off your to-do list, right now.)

🔴 FINALLY create a smart plan for monetizing your email list, raising awareness about your awesomeness and selling your things — the kind of system that’s strategic, measurable and totally customizable to your business and your customers.


Not Morpheus, but kind of (?) close:

Meet the copy nerd behind the keyboard

Hi - I'm Natalie. (Consider me your official word wing-woman.) 

I help trail-blazing service-providers and online entrepreneurs connect with their ideal clients and sell out their offers — through strategic, brand-building copy. I’m here to help you use your words to shine a light on what you do best, what sets you apart, and craft a message that positions you as the obvious choice to your customers.

I LOVE geeking out about all things funnels and ways to help you build your community + sell more through email. I created Red Carpet Funnels for business owners who want to monetize their email list without relying on funky-smelling formulas and questionable sales tactics.

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Frequently Asked Funnel Questions:

+ Honestly, I just skipped to the bottom. Why should I do this?

Roger that, you busy and incredibly important human!

To put a fine point on it: a Red Carpet Funnel is about rolling out the red carpet (geddit?) for your ideal customers and nurturing relationships with your audience via email.

It makes them the star of the show by putting their needs front and center. Through an automated sequence of emails (and potentially things like landing pages, for example, if you're in need of a more complex funnel), we'll guide them towards your paid offerings (that is, the thing that will make their life better) while providing value, education and a good ol' heaping of fun every step of the way.

It's pretty cool stuff, and if you're in a position where you're looking for more leverage and scalability in your business, this is a great place to start.

For more deets, scroll up to the "here's how it works" section.

+ Why are there 8 emails in The Starter Funnel - not more or less?

Great question. For people who are looking to get their first funnel set up, I recommend starting with a sequence of 8 emails. For the majority of people, this gives us the room we need to connect with your new subscribers, introduce them to you, and start getting them educated and EXCITED about what you do and how they can work with you. Plus, most people need to be exposed to your offer more than once before they're ready to take action. 8 emails gives us all the room we need to play.

I've found that 8 emails, usually spaced out over a couple of weeks, can do so much heavy lifing for your brand recognition (and your bottom line). It doesn't just encourage new subscribers to take action and reach out -- it also helps you nurture your community and keep your audience engaged, which is seriously awesome-sauce for whenever you're ready to launch or create a new offer to pitch to your list in the future.

+ Will you set up my funnel for me?

Nope - I'm here to work with you on your funnel strategy and write your copy for you, but I don't do things like setting up copy and automations inside your email service provider, nor do I build or design your landing pages for you (and I definitely won't run your Facebook ads).

Fortunately, I can recommend people who CAN help you with that stuff, if we decide to work together.

+ Do I need to be using a certain email provider/need any fancy tech?

For The Starter Package, almost any email service provider will do (including free ones like Mailchimp). Personally, though, I'm a big fan of Convertkit, Drip and Active Campaign (with Convertkit being the most user-friendly, in my opinion).

Once we get more comlpex, it's common to make use of more sophistocated platforms. I can provide a little bit of guidance on this, but if you're interested in a custom funnel, you should have already researched your options and have a good idea of the tech and tools you want to use.

+ What happens after my funnel goes live?

Once we've created your strategy and I've written your copy, it's ready to be deployed -- and then, it works for your business around the clock, typically making back your investment many times over in the coming weeks and months.

Sometimes, we'll need to do a little tweaking once everything goes live and the initial results roll in, and I'll build that into our package so there are no surprises. (This becomes even more true for custom funnels with higher complexity. It's pretty hard to hit a total home-run on the first go, especially when there are lots of moving parts, so be careful of anyone who tells you otherwise.)

+ Do you offer payment plans?

A resounding YES! For The Starter Package, you'll make two partments of $875. For a funnel custom package, we'll hash out the details around payment plans on our initial call.

+ How long does it take?

My average turnaround time for The Starter Package is 2 weeks. For more complex funnel projects, reach out to discuss your timeline.

If you're interested in working with me, I recommend getting in touch as soon as possible, because I typically book out 4 to 6 weeks in advance.

+ I’m a business newbie. Is this right for me?

Probably not. My packages are best-suited to people who have experience with clients and have been in business for at least a year.

+ I need something extra/different than what’s listed here. Help!

Worry not - special snowflakes are welcome here. If you’d like to chat about a custom package, book in with me for a free consultation using the "inquire now" buttons on this page. We’ll chat about your project and how I can help you get where you want go with a bespoke funnel package.

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I'm all outta Matrix references, so let's figure out your next steps and get this funnel party started: 


The Starter Funnel

$1750 USD

The Custom Funnel

Typically $3000 - $7000 USD