I’m Natalie. I write blockbuster sales copy for 6 & 7 figure online entrepreneurs.

If you’re ready to grow your launch revenue & reach more people with your online program or course…


What would it mean if you could double your sales in your next launch?


That’s exactly what happened for Anna when we worked together.

Before she hired me, Anna’s previous launch had attracted 650 new customers. (Not too shabby, right?)

I re-wrote the copy for Anna’s launch videos, her Facebook ads, sales page, and emails.

Her sales doubled.

Anna enrolled 1200 new students in her next launch — which meant approximately $25K in monthly recurring revenue (and over a 40x return on her investment in working with me).

4 (1).png
Natalie took my launch copy and made it better, clearer, more effective. We doubled our sales and I’ve hired her for multiple projects since then.

I never have any doubt that she is going to deliver incredible copy that sounds like me, on deadline, every single time. I adore working with her.
— Anna Digilio, Founder of Simply Skilled in Second & The Simply Skilled Teachers Club

Let’s make this one your best launch ever, too.

Here’s everything you need to know about working with me:

What I do:

I custom-engineer launch copy that helps you sell and sound human at the same time.


No gimmicks. No tactics. Nothin' sleazy.

Because when you say something meaningful, people pay attention. (And in an online bubble where everyone else is doing and saying the same thing... it's revolutionary.)

I write sales copy that cuts to the core of who you are, what you do and why it matters — to create a connection with your audience so powerful that it moves them to action. Consistently. Reliably. And it's fun.

 Even better? I’m not just whip-sharp with words…

I use a strategy-first approach to writing your copy — which means I know how to help you create a profitable launch plan and make sense of the madness when it comes to selling your stuff online:



We start with a deep-dive into the people that fuel your business: your customers.

We’ll identify exactly what they need to hear from you in order to establish trust, desire and action. (And some of the answers might surprise you.)



Next, I’ll help you hone in on how to communicate precisely what makes your offer stand out from the competition.

It’s time to position you as the obvious choice. (And, we’ll make sure your personality shines through — with a message that is true to you, your voice and vision.)



Then, we bring together all the moving pieces into a launch strategy that makes sense.

I’ll make sure you’re saying the right thing, in the right way, and at the right time to your audience. You and your team will have a clear map of what to send, and when — so you can enter your next launch with more ease & less scrambling behind the scenes.



Blending right-brain creativity, left-brain sales savvy, and a pinch of evil genius (kidding, mostly)… I craft compelling launch copy that gets results.

From sales pages, to launch emails, video and webinar scripts, Facebook ad copy and everything in between, I’ve got your launch copy covered — so you can take center stage, show up for your audience, and rock your launch like never before.

So if you’re ready for your next breakthrough launch…

I specialize in writing launch copy for awesome entrepreneurs like you, every single day.

(Just consider me your nerd in shining armor, mi amore.)

Now keep on scrollin’ and press play on the videos below to see how we can partner together:



“I want an expert to handle my launch message and write it all for me.”

  • End-to-end launch copywriting + strategy plan

  • May include: sales page copy, launch emails, PLF/webinar/sales video scripting, landing pages, Facebook ad copy and more…

  • Proceed with caution: may also include dramatically higher sales, better-than-ever launch revenue, and a ~72% reduction in stress

    Investment: starting at $12.5K

Patty enrolled 2300 new members in one launch, which meant double her previous best and an extra ~$70K in monthly recurring revenue for her business:


“When people ask me what happened to make this enrollment period so successful, I tell them that I hired Natalie. I wish I had hired her sooner.

Natalie treated my customers beautifully, and spoke their words with honesty and grace. She was professional and communicative through the entire project. I never doubted that my investment was going to the best possible place for myself and my members.”

-Patty Palmer, Art Teacher & Founder of Deep Space Sparkle


“Write the hardest part for me — the sales page — and guide me through the rest.”

  • A high-converting sales page, written for you

  • Full launch copy strategy plan (so you know exactly what to send and when)

  • Feedback on the remaining copy you write (like emails, FB ads, landing pages and more)

    Investment: $6.5K

“When you’re ready to level up, hire Natalie.”


“Launching is always challenging, with lots of moving pieces and deadlines. But knowing I had my copy in the hands of an expert took SO much pressure off my shoulders!

The copy Natalie delivered was some of the best writing I've ever seen, perfectly matched my voice, and was instrumental in generating $100,000 in revenue for my business this year alone.”

- Claire Pelletreau, Facebook Ads Consultant & Trainer


“I just need a plan and someone to tell me if my copy is any good.”

  • Full launch copy strategy plan (so you know exactly what to send and when)

  • Feedback on the copy you write (like emails, FB ads, landing pages and more)

    Investment: $3.5K


"I am so excited about my new copy. Natalie is conscientious, thorough and responsive, and she gave me the clarity about my message that I'd been missing. I was amazed by how good the process felt.

Now, I have strong copy that's consistent with who I am and the impact I want to make in this world. I would recommend Natalie without hesitation and I’ll be using her for all of my future copy needs."

Ron Paul Ross, Executive Coach

You don’t need to know which option you need right now. That’s what our 30-minute strategy call is for.

Click the button below to find an available slot in my calendar to speak about what you’re working on and where you need help. We’ll figure out the next steps together, and if it feels right, we’ll settle on a date for our project and get the ball rolling. 

FACQ (Frequently Asked Copy Questions):

+ I like how this sounds. How do we move forward?

If you’d like to apply to work with me, click the buttons above to book in for a free 30 minute consultation with me. We'll talk about your project and exactly what kind of support you need. If it feels right, we'll arrange a deposit and secure your space in my calendar.

+ Do you offer payment plans?

For projects above $5K, yes. We'll discuss the specifics during our 30-minute call.

+ What timeline can I expect?

For done-for-you launch copywriting (option 1 on this page), I recommend securing your booking with me about three months before your "open cart" date (we've got a lot of work to do, and you'll also need some runway for design, set-up and testing).

For other packages that include less "done for you" copy (options 2 and 3 on this page), we won't need quite as much time. Get in touch and I can give you a better idea of my availability and the best time for us to get started.

I only work with 1-2 clients at a time and I book in advance -- so if you're planning to launch in the next 6 months, the time to reach out is now!

+ What about design?

I present all of my copy to you inside a “wireframe” - which is a fancy way of saying that you’ll receive a visual mockup of how I recommend laying out the copy on each page for more conversions. This will make your life (and your designers' life) about 65 bajillion times easier... scientific guesstimate.

If you’re working with a designer, I will also liaise with them to make sure that nothing gets lost in communication (because good design and good copy go together like PB&J).

+ How do I know if I'm ready for this?

My done-for-you copywriting services are best suited to entrepreneurs who have an engaged audience and an online program or course that is already selling well. Most people who book me are already enjoying 6-figure launches and want to take their revenue to the next level (and stop guessing + stressing when it comes to their copy).

If you're not quite at that point yet, partnering with me on a launch strategy/copy coaching package (option 3 on this page) is a great place for us to start.

Either way, just reach out if you're not sure. I'm happy to chat and can point you in the right direction.

+ I need something extra/different than what’s listed here. Help!

Worry not - special snowflakes are welcome here. If you’d like to chat about a custom package -- say, with more testing, segmentation, more copy add-ons, or something evergreen -- just book in with me for a free consultation using the buttons on this page.

Or, perhaps you're just not sure whether working with me is right for you. If you have specific questions you'd rather discuss via enail first, just shoot me a note at hello@themissingink.co and I'll respond to your message within 2 business days. We'll figure it out together from there.