If words didn't matter, you wouldn't be here.

You wouldn't have visited my About page to read more about me, figure who I am and if you should care.

The answers are: I'm Natalie. (Hi!) And yes, you should care. Here's why:

Your potential customers are doing the exact same thing to you before they decide to work with you, buy from you, or bounce. Words matter. Words are currency. Are you using yours wisely? 


When you use your words wisely, you can...



The truth is that your words and your message are all that connects you and your potential customers.

You might have a great product, a life-changing service, and a gorgeous website…

But without the right words and the right message…

There’s no substance.

Which means there’s no connection.

Which means there’s no action.


So I guess what I’m really trying to say is… Let me help you get some action.

(The digital kind.)

I’m talking about the kind of action where there’s no mistake in your customer’s mind that you’re exactly who they need.

The kind of action that’s built on a killer message online and a story that sticks.

I want to help you paint the picture of who you are and why it matters to the people who need what you’ve got.

Because every sales page, all the corners of your website, each email you send… is an opportunity to connect, convert… and get a little action.

And it all starts with words.



Get a taste of how to use your words wisely with The 5-Minute Copy Fix:


Grab The 5-Minute Copy Fix (it's free!) to learn how my favorite small-but-mighty website copy tweaks that'll bring all the clients to the yard (milkshakes: optional🥤).

The Backstory:

(The truth, the whole truth, and nothin' but the truth):


I’m Natalie Taylor, the head honcho around these parts at The Missing Ink. I’m a copywriter and a content strategist on a mission to stamp out the vague and boring copy that’s hurting your business.

I work with experts like you who need help explaining what they do and why it matters in a way that connects and moves people to action. Because here's the thing: people don’t choose to hire you because of what you do, or the laundry list of skills you have. The truth is... 


"People choose you only when you make it abundantly clear that you understand their needs, their deepest desires, and that you've got the solution they've been searching for."

-Me, because I am definitely not above quoting myself.


That’s why I founded The Missing Ink: to help savvy entrepreneurs speak about what they do in a way that showcases their brilliance... so they can enjoy more clients and more sales, doing the work they love.


Fun Fact Quickfire Round:

  1. My total and utter lack of rhythm revealed itself at a young age: when I was 5 years old, I was asked to leave the stage of a Wiggles concert ... because my dancing was that bad.
  2. In a previous life, I was a peer-reviewed, published author and have lectured at the Masters level at The University of Sydney (my alma mater). You can check out my forays into academia here and here
  3. I’m always on the lookout for a new TV show to binge-watch, and my life feels empty when I don’t have something on my current rotation. Some of my current favorites: Shameless, Westworld and… UnREAL (I’m only 42% embarrassed to admit that last one).
  4. I have tried and failed to complete the Couch-to-5K challenge exactly four times.
  5. My favorite book is I Am Not Sidney Poitier, and I'm a sucker for a good thriller. 

So if you'd like help writing the next chapter of your success story...