There are three things I do impeccably well:

(Bump it up to four, if you include my ability to eat superhuman amounts of anything with a chocolate coating.)



I craft strategic website copy that showcases your personality, your point of difference, and why your visitors should care (and click. and buy).

You only have a few seconds (some say milliseconds) to capture your audience's attention and help them see why you've got what they need. I'm here to help you do that.


I write emails that build relationships and lead your readers towards action – from nurture to launch and everything in between.

Got a product or service the world needs to know about? Let me help you craft a killer drip email sequence to establish you as the obvious choice. 


I create sales and landing pages that convert browsers into buyers without making you look like a tacky internet marketer.

I can critique the copy you've got or, if you really want to supercharge your results, I'll write your sales page from scratch to capture your reader's attention (and imagination) to effortlessly move them towards action.



Some insight into how I work with my clients: 

Although everyone’s copywriting needs are different, we all want the same outcome:


Connection. Impact. Action.

That’s why I created a unique process for helping you bring out all of your you-ness in a way that connects emotionally, pulls out all of the reasons why people need what you’ve got, and articulate them clearly on the page.

I combine the art of storytelling with the science of persuasion to help you share a message that can't be ignored.

It looks like this:


Which means you get:

Copy that sounds like you, speaks authentically to the people who need what you’ve got and most importantly... inspires them to take action!



  • You might need help revamping your website with new messaging that clearly articulates why your visitors should choose you.


  • Maybe you need help with an ongoing email strategy for connecting with your readers and selling your products or services.


  • Perhaps you’ve heard that funnels are a really important and reliable way to build trust with your community and turn your fans into customers – I can help you map that process out and write some high-converting copy to go with it (because without good copy, you don’t have a good funnel).


  • You might have an incredible new program or course that you’re ready to launch – which means you need help with your entire sales funnel and launch copy (think: ad copy, landing pages, launch emails and sales pages).


  • If I’m on the right track (or if you’re looking for something a little more à la carte) let’s talk about your needs and how some persuasive, connective, your-voice-but-better copy can help you achieve your goals.


(And by goals I mean world domination. Or is that just me?)


Tell me more about your project and we’ll arrange a time to chat about how I can help you supercharge your message to connect with the people who need you.