Sales page templates suck. Try this copywriting framework instead. (It's 3000% more fun.)

Sales page templates suck. Try this copywriting framework instead. (It's 3000% more fun.)

Let's talk about copywriting formulas for a sec.

Have you ever tried to write a sales page, or a launch email... and feel like you instantly turn into a used car salesperson, complete with greasy comb-over and cheap (powder blue!) suit?

OR... did you follow all the instructions, dutifully stick to the template "they" said would work no matter what... only to have a disappointing launch?

Pull up a chair, friendo, and let me pour you a drink. Let's talk about why you need to kick those copywriting formulas, templates and scripts to the curb...

Because with the framework I'm sharing in this video, I'm taking you behind the scenes of how I craft copy that has helped my clients triple their sales, say something original and MEANINGFUL, and have waaaay more fun when it's time to sell.

Deal? Deal. Let's do this.

The MOST important thing you need to know about launching (and hi, I'M ALIVE!)


Let me kick this off with a confession:

I've really been struggling to create consistent content lately (as evidenced by the tumbleweeds rolling through this blog and some VERY quiet social media channels).

Am I dead?

Has my ghost come back to haunt the internet?

Am I writing this blog to you from the fiery depths of hell -- with an inexplicable WiFi connection?


I've just been working hard for my awesome clients behind the scenes -- pumping out a whole lotta butt-kickin' copy each week -- so they can do cool things like triple their course sales and sell out their services.

(I'm usually booked in advance, so if you want help with your launch or website copy anytime this year, then it's time to move your sweet keister and reach out, like, yesterday.)

So let's keep this short and sweet.

You're busy. I'm busy.

You want the useful stuff without the fluff. And I want to commit to sharing the useful stuff inside my brain with you on a more consistent basis.

OK? Cool.

Let's do this thing:

Your launch is not about selling.

I mean -- it totally is about selling...

But also... it isn't.

(Aren't I an annoying world of contradictions?)

So what REALLY makes a successful launch?

  • It isn't a slick 3-part video series.

  • Or a fancy-pants affiliate scheme.

  • Nor is it about a tricked-out funnel with mad segmentation and one-time-offers.

(Have I lost you yet? Stay with me...)

A killer launch comes down to THREE things:

  • The right audience

  • The offer

  • The right strategy (AKA message...)

Now, I can't help you with making sure that your audience actually wants what you're selling. If your course, product or service doesn't meet a pressing need for your peeps,well... good luck to ya.

Hopefully you're building something that people have shown a genuine interest in... instead of wingin' it and building something just because you thought it was a good idea.

(You might want to check out Ryan Levesque's ASK Method and/or James Wedmore's Business By Design course if you have no idea what I mean when I say, "validate your shiz or perish".)

As the business owner, you've gotta have that stuff covered.

But the strategy for selling your awesome thing -- and positioning it as the natural choice for your dreamiest customers?


Hello. It's me.

(Picture me as Adele while you re-read that line. I'll wait.)

I can DEFINITELY help you with that.

Because good copy has GOTTA be strategic if you want it to make you any money.

You can't just sprinkle a little bit'o Facebook ads over here, and add a dash of scarcity over there... and bake yourself a profitable launch (be sure to pre-heat your oven either way, though, folks.)

Unfortunately, I still see far-too-many business owners jumping right into the tactics:

  • Should my launch emails include GIFS and countdown timers?

  • Am I going to be sassy or take-me-seriously-professional during this launch? (OR CAN I BE BOTH!?)

  • How many emails should I send when I close the cart?

All relevant questions... when asked at the right time.



I often catch clients skipping over the most important part, which is...

  • What do I need to SAY to make my awesome thing sell?

  • How am I going to structure my message throughout my launch?

  • How am I going to educate my audience about themselves, their problem, the solution... and why my brilliant thing is p-e-r-f-e-c-t for them?

My most successful clients appreciate the importance of these questions. And then they come to me to guide them through it.

You don't need copy that makes your offer sound "awesome".

You DO need launch copy that engineers the right beliefs, knowledge, and understanding in YOUR unique audience...

... So that they will be excited and RECEPTIVE to your offer (and then do something about it when you ask them to).

- Me (because being able to quote myself will never get old).

I'll dig more into this idea in the weeks to come.

For now, know this:

Yes, you need to sell.

But you're not going to do it with slick words that don't have any substance.

Start with a communication strategy for your launch -- carved out SPECIFICALLY for your audience -- and then everything else will fall into place.

Need help with that?

Let's talk.


How to Write Website Copy Like Neo (For More Clicks, Consults and Sales)

How to Write Website Copy Like Neo (For More Clicks, Consults and Sales)

Can we take a moment to reflect on the fact that The Matrix happened NINETEEN years ago?!

It's officially old enough to buy liquor here in Australia, and drive irresponsibly with a provisional licence. Gosh. They grow up so fast. 

There's a lot we can learn from the Matrix. Like... 

→ Why it's probably a bad idea to take pills from strangers.

→ How to bend the physical laws of a simulated reality so you can save all of humanity from ill-meaning artificial intelligence.

→ And uh... how to write really good website copy. 

(What? Don't tell me you missed that sub-plot?!)

Let me break it down for you.