noun /ˈkɒpi/

1. Words. (They’re OK, sorta.)

2. Filler. Bland. Boring. Jargon. Bleh.

3. An after-thought in most businesses. But not yours... 



Great copy:

noun /ɡreɪt-ˈkɒpi/

1. The heart of your business, your talent, and your gifts — wrapped up into an unforgettable message that speaks directly to the people who need what you’ve got.

2. Powerfully potent communication that evokes feeling, starts movements, grows communities... and changes your business for the better (and maybe even the world).

3. Exactly what you get when you work with The Missing Ink.


(Spoiler alert: it's the kind of copy that turns browsers into buyers.)


"I am so excited about my new copy. Natalie is conscientious, thorough and responsive, and she gave me the clarity about my message that I'd been missing.

Now, I have strong copy that's consistent with who I am and the impact I want to make in this world. I would recommend Natalie without hesitation and I’ll be using her for all of my future copy needs."

Ron Paul Ross, Executive Coach

Meet your resident word-wrangler:

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Hi, I’m Natalie Taylor.

(Consider me your official word wing-woman.)

I help trail-blazing entrepreneurs connect with their ideal clients and sell out their offers  through strategic, brand-building copy.

I’m here to help you use your words to shine a light on what you do best, what sets you apart, and craft a message that positions you as the obvious choice to your customers.

Choose your next step:


Ready to hire a pro to write your website or launch copy?

See what I do + learn about my process (and what makes me different).


Still in the DIY-stage of your biz?

Visit the blog to learn how to amp-up your copy and get your words working double-time.

Want to learn from me LIVE?

Catch up on The Website Essentials Workshop and learn how to write copy that gets clients knocking.

People say nice things about me:

Because of Natalie, my email list is more engaged than ever before. People are replying, reaching out and booking consults - and sometimes they just write back to tell me how much they enjoy reading my emails.

Plus, with Natalie's guidance on the sales page and email copy for my group coaching program, we didn't just sell out all 10 available spots - an 11th person snuck in before we could close the cart!

- Jo Muirhead, Rehabilitation Consultant and Allied Health Business Mentor

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"Natalie doesn't just write killer copy - she knows about conversion and she captures voice like an ace. She has blown me and my clients away with her warmth and strength for truly getting to the heart of what you do and WHY your clients love it. I wish I could hire her in-house and pay her a billion dollars." 

- Rachael Kay Albers, Website Designer & Digital Strategist